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What a pile of S*** we are - Baka Desu

About What a pile of S*** we are

Previous Entry What a pile of S*** we are Apr. 2nd, 2005 @ 01:22 am Next Entry
well its been err.... god know how many days since i last posted here and we are going nowhere with the flash thiggy cos i suck at.. well everything and farore is now socal (meaning less flash plots but on the + side it means he dosn't ask for a flash version of Wounded as much) and Teirman is ether dead or just F***ing lazy or both im not sure, if he dosn't pull his act together its just going to be bakadesu's project)

sorry people, im going to schedule my holidays for revision and flash ideas, DAM U DS, U EAT UP MY FREE TIME LIKE ME AT A BUFFET!!!!
i make u a promise, ill have done something, maybe just a preview section before May 1st, if i havn't u can send me hate mail at Nayru10000@hotmail.com (see i know that no one actualy views this site so im not afraid to give my E-mail out :P)

p.s. hate mail will not be accepted with kindness ¬_¬
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